White Shark Diving at the Farallon Islands

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    The Devils Teeth

    27 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Farallon Islands creep up on you through the mist, like a scene similiar to the one in the most recent King Kong movie. In the 1600's the islands were exploited by seal hunters and it was the seal population which brought the Great White Shark.

Today, the Farallon Islands are a National Wildlife Refuge. Back in 1998, Great White Adventures was the first company to explore the waters off these islands and study the Great White Shark movements in the area. Then GWA began to offer daily Great White Shark Diving expeditions

Shark activity at the Farallones, only occur between September and November. The waters are green and murky for the most part but this is the only place in North American that you will actually find the Great White Shark.

We offer cage diving day trips to the Farallon Islands beginning in September. If you do not wish to cage dive, you can be a topside observer. For pricing and more detailed information click here