About Great White Shark Diving

Great White Adventures was founded back in 1998 by Lawrence Groth. Lawrence, a commercial diver and professional mariner put together a team of professional divers and began a series of expeditions to find and observe White Sharks here in California.

The team began the first of many expeditions to the Farallon Islands in August of 1998. In September 2001, Great White Adventures was the first company to begin making expeditions to Guadalupe island. Today, Isla Guadalupe is the premiere Great White Shark Diving location in the world.

About Your Team

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    Lawrence Groth

    Diving since the age of 13, Lawrence has gained a wealth of experience at sea and knows every Great White Shark by name at Isla Guadalupe. He is passionate about life underwater and shares this passion with people from all over the world. He is the "Sharkman"!
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    James Moskito

    James holds instructor certifications with SSI, TDI, DAN, and is a PADI certified Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Instructor. He has authored the distinctive specialty Great White Shark Diver for both PADI and SSI scuba training agencies.
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    Jim Hegeman

    Jims father was a commercial diver who worked with the legendary Jacques Cousteau and Valerie Taylor. Free diving and SCUBA diving most of his life, Jim finally joined the Navy and traveled the world as a Navy deep-sea diver. Today, Jim helps others enjoy the awesome Great White Sharks.